Dentist services Teeth Whitening|Dentures|Veneers in Moline IL


The Hansen Family Dentistry team provides excellent general dentistry in a friendly and clean environment for the entire family, including:

Digital Radiographs (X-Rays) - Dr. Kirk was trained and educated at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in interpreting both analog and digital radiographs (x-rays). Digital x-rays now allow the dentist and patient to see the image faster, and there is approximately 1/8 of the radiation exposure to the patient.

Implants - Working with a talented team of local oral surgeons and periodontists, Dr. Kirk is able to plan, place, and restore single and multi-unit implant-retained fixed restorations (crowns, bridges) and removable partial and over-dentures.

Crowns & Bridges - Dr. Kirk is highly skilled and strives for excellence in fixed prosthodontics. He received the Hanau Excellence in Prosthodontics "Best of the Best" award and other accolades his senior year of dental school. He offers high-quality gold and tooth-colored crowns and bridges.

Root Canal Treatment - Dr. Kirk is extensively trained and capable of performing a root canal treatment on both anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth. He also works closely with area specialists for more complex cases.

Extractions - Dr. Kirk received in-depth oral surgery training and education and can perform surgical and routine extractions, as well as some third molar cases. We do not offer I.V. sedation, but we work with area oral surgeons who do (and also refer to them for more complex cases).

Dentures & Partials - Working with talented and certified dental technicians, we are able to skillfully craft anything from a single tooth partial to full arch complete dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Dr. Kirk is able to offer an excellent shade matching with in-office tooth colored fillings, and is able to provide his patients with beautiful anterior veneers and crowns by working with talented dental technicians and ceramists.

Whitening - We offer in-office whitening procedures, as well as the highly effective custom-made bleach trays.

Cleanings - Our skilled team of hygienists perform routine cleanings, as well as deeper cleanings and periodontal therapy.

Exams - Dr. Kirk is very thorough with his examinations, and always performs oral cancer screenings at check-ups. By using an intra-oral camera, Dr. Kirk will help you visualize your problems to better understand and improve your oral health.